Fairfield Stanhope, Weardale, DL13 2UR

Booking Terms & Conditions

Important Information

Please read the terms and conditions carefully, when booking Fairfield House you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

Use of the property

Fairfield House shall be used solely for the purpose agreed with Fairfield House Ltd in advance of your period of hire (which will normally be as a furnished, self-catering, holiday let).

The occupier shall not sub-let the property, any part of the property or any equipment from the property. Neither shall any member of the party remove any equipment, furniture or fittings from the property.

The occupier accepts and agrees that no right of occupancy exists after the end of the hire period for any persons in the hiring party. All persons shall vacate the property at the conclusion of the hire period.

Fairfield House cannot accept bookings for single sex parties unless specifically arranged in advance. Fairfield House Ltd reserve the right to refuse entry to the property without refund or to withhold security deposits should we have reasonable grounds to believe that the property is to be/or has been used for stag or hen parties without prior arrangement. Single sex bookings may be asked to pay a larger security deposit.

Meet and Greet

We always ensure you are personally greeted on arrival so we can show you around Fairfield House and make you familiar with all of the facilities and how to operate equipment. We would be grateful if you could email your estimated time of arrival a few days beforehand. If you are delayed and we have not received a call you will need to contact us upon your arrival.

Booking & Deposits

A 30% deposit is payable at the time of booking. The balance is payable 30 days before your arrival date. A damage deposit of £500 is payable along with your balance and returnable within 7-10 days of departure, subject to all being in good order.

Check in and departure times

Check in will normally be from 4pm on the day of arrival (first day of booking) and departure time will be 10am (12pm for Sunday departures).

Delayed departures or early check–in times are often available upon request, however these are only available by prior arrangement and are only available if Fairfield House is NOT occupied on the nights immediately prior to, or after your period of hire. We always try our best to be flexible so that you can enjoy Fairfield House as much as possible, however, early check–in / late check out arrangements are made by concession and arrangement only, they are not automatically available and may be subject to change.

Late departure, not previously agreed, may result in an additional cleaning charge if additional staff have to be employed to complete cleaning in time for the next guests.


We will email you one week prior to arrival to ascertain the bed configuration that best suits you, but please let us know any special requirements that you might have as soon as possible. If you have more than 16 in your party and have not booked the annexe rooms then please make this arrangement in advance. If we do not get your desired bed configurations in advance all rooms will be made up as twins.

Sofa beds are available at an additional cost of £35 per sofa bed for children age between 5 and 14 (price is for the duration of your stay). The location of the sofa beds is such that we do restrict their use to children, however, on occasion they are perfectly suitable for adults in which case the cost is £65 per person for the duration of the stay.

Please also let us know if guests are scheduled to change during the duration of your stay and if additional bedding is required. We reserve the right to raise a small charge to cover the additional laundry costs depending on the number of changes.

Fairfield House Ltd reserves the right to refuse accommodation if it is deemed that the accommodation might not be suitable for the intended stay. In no circumstances may the number of people occupying the property exceed the maximum capacity of the property, unless agreed in advance and in writing.

Occupancy of more than 16 must be arranged in advance and an additional charge is applicable for the use of sofa beds and the annexe rooms.


We love to welcome pets to Fairfield House, however we try our best to keep the house as clean as possible for all guests, so we ask that no more than two pets are brought into the house. Please keep them on the ground floor only (except for guide dogs) & do not allow them on the furniture.

We have converted one of the outbuildings into a dog hotel for up to four dogs with two heated kennels, a dog run, food and water dishes, dog beds and dog sofas.

There is no additional charge for the use of the kennels.

The 1.5 acres of gardens are also completely enclosed once the gates are closed, however, you are entirely responsible for your own dog, which should be kept under control at all times. You should make your own judgment based on the size and agility, and whether or not your dog is likely to leave the garden.

Pets (usually dogs) are only accepted on the strict understanding that they will be kept under control at all times, please give details of pets when booking or enquiring. Please leave the kennels as you found them and clean up inside after your dog, an additional charge will be raised if staff have to remove dog waste from the kennels or grounds or if dogs have been allowed upstairs in the main buildings.

Use of equipment

The use of all equipment, cinema room, games room, hot tub, BBQ etc is included.

Please ensure that you read all safety notices included in the house guide before using any equipment. All Information is sent to the lead member of every party at the time of booking. We ask that this is circulated to all.

Exclusive Use

Whilst you will enjoy exclusive use of the house and grounds, our staff may require access for maintenance whilst guests are still in occupation. We always do our best to inform you when staff will be on the premises and to disturb your stay as little as possible. Our Gardener is usually working in the gardens on Thursdays and occasionally there may be an early morning visitor to the laundry room, which is separate to the house.

Occupier Responsibilities

The occupier shall at all times maintain the property and its contents in a clean and tidy condition. The occupier shall be liable to the owner for any loss, costs, expenses or claims arising from any damage caused to the property and/or its contents by the deliberate, negligent or careless act or omission of the occupier or any person in his/her party. If as a result of such damage the property or any of its contents need to be repaired or replaced, then the holidaymaker shall be responsible for paying the reasonable cost of doing so.

We make thorough checks after every guest, however if you notice something is broken please take a photo and text or email it straight away.

Where applicable, all members of the party must observe all security procedures advised by the Owner, Caretaker, Key-holder or Agent, especially in respect of key security, and any burglar/fire alarms or other security equipment. In the event that keys are to be posted back to Fairfield House Ltd, these must be posted by recorded delivery and a receipt obtained from the Post Office.

Fairfield House Ltd reserves the right to charge an extra cleaning charge if the property is left in a condition that requires additional cleaning time.

Availability of the Property

The booking is made on the understanding that the property is available on the dates stated. If for any reason beyond the control of Fairfield House Ltd (e.g. fire, flooding of property, storm damage to property, breakdown of major heating appliance, sale or withdrawal of the property by Fairfield House Ltd for any reason, etc.) and the property is not available for the date, Fairfield House Ltd will return all monies paid.

Fairfield House Ltd shall not be liable for any loss, expense, inconvenience or otherwise, resulting from such unavailability and you shall have no claim against the company. You will be advised by Fairfield House Ltd if such an event occurs, and all efforts will be made to secure a satisfactory solution.

Fairfield House Ltd are not responsible for any third party bookings made either directly by us or by yourself, i.e. catering or other extra activities booked.

Should the property become unavailable for any of the reasons above, we will not be liable to refund any losses from deposits or payments made to catering companies etc.

Acceptance of Booking Conditions

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to insure that all members of the party comply with these booking conditions.

Email or telephone bookings with or without deposit or total amount paid by credit card/BACS, will be deemed to be confirmation that these conditions have been read and understood, and that the Hirer confirms and warrants all the details and conditions and accepts responsibility for all the information supplied thereon by the Hirer.

What if a Problem Occurs

Fairfield House Ltd tries to do everything possible to give you a successful and enjoyable stay but sometimes things can go wrong. Please report the matter to us as soon as possible whilst still on holiday, and we will immediately investigate any complaint or difficulty during the holiday and take steps to resolve the problem. No compensation can be considered for any complaint which is only notified after the holiday/period of hire is completed.

We are available for emergencies, and will try our best to resolve any matter efficiently.

Unnecessary call outs may be charged.

Suitability of the Property

Fairfield House Ltd reserves the right to refuse or revoke any booking(s) for any property which may in their opinion (and at their sole discretion) be unsuitable for your party (i.e. difficult staircases, steep pathways, location etc).

If any member of the party who has any walking difficulties or other health or disability problems which may lead to the property or areas of the property being not entirely suitable, this should be declared and described at the time of booking to enable us to offer additional specific advice which might be pertinent, and Fairfield House Ltd cannot accept any liability for subsequent difficulties if this information is not supplied. Because of the age and nature of the property.

Fairfield House Ltd is not able or obliged to make the house fully accessible or suitable for all members of the public. We have assessed the property under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act to determine if people with certain disabilities can safely visit the property. It is generally assumed that family and friends will accompany such people who might be affected, and if we are made aware of the difficulties we can more easily advise if the property is suitable. Such advice can only be provided if we are told in advance and ideally no later than the time of booking.

Fairfield House Ltd can take no responsibility for any problems arising if we have not been informed in advance of any such difficulties.

Accuracy of Information Provided

All information and statements are made in good faith. However, Fairfield House Ltd does not warrant and is not responsible for the accuracy of any information or statements made by representatives/agents unless provided in writing.

Liability to Hirer

Fairfield House Ltd accepts no liability to any person or member of a booking for any personal injury, loss or damage to property, however sustained or caused, nor for the loss of personal property and/or money. Cars, baggage and personal effects of all kinds are at the occupier’s risk at all times. Any Hirer who does not have cover under his or her own Household Policy, Corporate or Motor Policy for loss or theft whilst in occupation is recommended to take out additional cover.

Security and Safety

All persons occupying Fairfield House must take all normal precautions against causing any damage, or danger to life when using electrical or heating appliances, fires etc. Any safety equipment such as Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors etc, must not be interfered with other than for use in an emergency situation.

Any problems occurring with any equipment must be promptly reported to Fairfield House Ltd so that remedial action can be taken.

Any amenities offered, i.e. hot tub, games equipment, cots, high chairs etc… are offered entirely at the users risk.

Fairfield House has a NO SMOKING policy. Violation of this may result in the property Owner retaining some or all of the security deposit.


Once Fairfield House Ltd has made a provisional booking the initial payment will become due. We prefer payment by BACS and details will be provided on agreement to hire being received. If paying by credit card, this payment will be taken from the card as soon as the card number is given. If paying by cheque, this should be posted by first class mail to arrive within 3 days. We cannot hold provisional reservations for longer than this unless special arrangements are made. Fairfield House Ltd will confirm the booking in writing upon receipt of the required payment, which are as follows:

1. If the starting date of the holiday is more than 30 days in advance, 30% of the rental is payable.

2. If the Booking is made within 30 days of the commencement of the holiday the full rental is payable.

The Damage Deposit is payable 30 days in advance.

Final Payment

If the Initial Payment is only a deposit, the Hirer is liable to pay the full balance shown on the Booking Confirmation at the latest 30 days before the start of the hire period. Cheques that are returned unpaid will incur charges.

Authority to Sign

The person who agrees the booking certifies that he or she is authorised to agree Booking Conditions on behalf of all persons included on the booking form. The signatory must be a member of the party intending to occupy the property and be 18 or over.

Holiday Cancellation

Any holidays booked as Self-Catering Accommodation are deemed to be legally binding Contracts, and as such, the person who books the holiday is fully liable for the total amount as shown on the confirmation.

Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances such as a family member suddenly becoming ill may result in the need to cancel or re-schedule a holiday, and we strongly recommend that you take out Holiday Cancellation Insurance. This should be purchased as soon as possible after the booking has been confirmed. Most companies will not provide cover at a later date, and may also ask for proof of the members of your party. Many people now take out annual policies that are available at very reasonable rates.

There are many Insurance Companies now offering travel and cancellation insurance, and many holidaymakers now find that if they use their credit cards to pay for the accommodation, that this cover will be included, but we strongly advise you to check.

Please note, Fairfield House Ltd or the property owner are not required to make refunds in the event that bad weather prevents hirers travelling. If the hirer is unable to reach the property due to circumstances outside of the control of Fairfield House (i.e. road closure, rail network closure, weather conditions) then the hirer must seek a refund via their own travel insurance.

Please note if you have a problem please contact us as soon as possible. We will always do our very best to help.

Necessity to Cancel Your Booking

Having to cancel a trip under such circumstances can be a disappointment and although we will, of course, try to re-let any cancellations, we cannot guarantee this particularly if the cancellation is very close to the due date. If you think you may have to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can put the dates up for re-letting.

All bookings for stays after 1st August 2020 include a guaranteed refund of any monies paid towards the balance with Mastercancel but you must cancel between 60-2 days before your arrival.

Any Hirer that cancels outside of the required 60-2 day period before the arrival date will be required to pay the final balance on the due date if we have not managed to re-let.

If we are successful in re-letting, the hirer will receive a refund of all the monies already paid (minus a £50 admin charge). We will provide a cancellation invoice showing this amount, which you may be able to claim off your own insurance. If we are unable to re-let the accommodation, our original Booking Confirmation will be your official receipt. Any other written confirmation or cancellation invoice that might be required by your Insurance Provider will incur an administration fee of £20.

Law of Contract

The Contract is deemed to have been made at the Registered Office of the Company, which is at 3 Hickstead Rise, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 4TP and the proper law of the Contract is English.